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Specialized Myofascial Therapy 

Move from rigidity to fluidity

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Myofascial energetic release (MER)

MER is a combination of different manual techniques, but the most commonly used are deep, firm, slow tissue manipulation, assisted stretches and joint release in order to increase range of motion and circulation in the body.

Each session is performed directly onto the skin without oils to detect fascial restrictions and apply the appropriate amount of sustained pressure to facilitate release. Clients experience more mobility, flexibility and energy in their bodies as well as feeling lighter.

Incorrect posture, overusing muscles, trauma, inflammatory responses, inactivity, lack of stretching, surgical procedures and stress are all contributors to fascial restrictions. 

Healthy fascia is strong, resilient and fluid allowing for balanced movement and vitality. However, when restricted it is rigid and less pliable, which creates tension and pressure on surrounding structures. 

When injury, pain, symptoms or emotional stress demand our attention

a MER session is a fascinating and thought - provoking way to decipher the messages our body sends us. 

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My Specializations

The key to working with fascia is approaching the smart tissue with respect.

To work at hydrating it without inflammation.

It is slow, deep work with long term effects.


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Chronic or acute pain

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Alignment and posture

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Stress and tension

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Digestion dysfunction

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Scar tissue and cellulite

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